Service in the Church

Instructor: David Johnson

Type: Lecture/Discussion/Group Projects/Practicums


The Service in the Church course seeks to impart a thorough understanding of the ways in which living the Christian life and understanding the Scriptures lead to an increased desire and ability to serve others. Beginning with a focus on the proper attitudes and principles upon which Christian service is built, the course examines specific practical ways in which students can serve in their local congregations and in the mission of the Church on a broader scale.

Required Texts

The Holy Bible (New King James Version)


This second-semester course involves presentations by a variety of instructors in three primary areas:

  • Attitude and heart of a servant
  • Service in a local congregation
  • Service beyond the local area

Presentations will cover specific areas of service with an examination of how Foundation Institute graduates can serve effectively. Other presentations will cover how the Church addresses different audiences in its proclamation efforts. 


All students will be involved in discussions and group projects throughout the semester. Group service projects in the local area and local congregation will also be encouraged. Students will be involved in individual and group projects to write for Church publications. In addition, all will participate in group projects to create and produce video presentations.

Educational Bio

David Johnson graduated from Ambassador College, Big Sandy, Texas, in 1970 with a bachelor of arts in communications and religious studies. He served for 35 years in pastoral and youth ministry in various locations around the United States before being invited to become a full-time instructor at the Church’s educational center. In addition to 14 years of classroom experience, he has also participated in numerous educational seminars in the United States and internationally.