This summer we are planning to offer two five-day sessions with a maximum of 36 participants in each session. 

Session 1 - Full

July 15-19, 2024

Session 2 - Spots Available

July 22-26, 2024

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(Session 2 only)

The tuition for each one-week session is $100 per person or $150 per couple. 

The fee will cover administrative costs and a light lunch each day. 

Foundation Institute came into existence because of the need for a concentrated program for teaching and maintaining doctrinal truths and practical Christian living instruction for the next generation of the Church of God. Those who attend the nine-month residential program have made a serious commitment of time and money in order to focus on building a solid spiritual foundation for life. 

But what about all of those who are unable to set aside that much time away from work and family in order to attend the full on-site program? It is important for all Christians to continue learning and solidifying their understanding of biblical truth.

For this reason, Foundation Institute has developed three continuing education programs for all who are interested. Through the Continuing Education programs, those who want to learn more will find an abundance of educational material to supplement the website and the messages delivered each Sabbath. While none of these programs can duplicate the nine-month immersive program here at the headquarters facility, it is our hope that one or more of these programs can be of benefit to everyone who wants a deeper understanding of the biblical instructions and imperatives.

FI Online

FI Online began in 2012 with a series of 38 classes from our Survey of the Gospels course, and new courses have been added every year since. As of the spring of 2022, we have posted over 295 classes, covering 27 books of the Bible, as well as all 20 of the Church’s Fundamental Beliefs. Courses continue to be added each year, and all previous classes are archived for convenient access.

FI Online classes can be accessed through the Foundation Institute website or the COGWA Roku channel.

Summer Continuing Education

In the summer, Foundation Institute offers five-day Continuing Education sessions at our classroom in McKinney, Texas. During these weeklong sessions, the regular FI instructors, along with members of the administration, conduct 29 hours of in-class instruction on a variety of subjects. When possible, we try to offer two sessions, covering the same material in each session. The new classroom currently allows us to accept up to 36 participants for each session. Tuition for these classes covers all instructional materials, as well as a light lunch each day so attendees have time to visit and build friendships.

Winter Family Weekend

Each year at the Winter Family Weekend, Foundation Institute offers a series of classes covering biblical and Christian living subjects. There are generally three 75-minute classes every day (except the weekly Sabbath), for a total of more than 10 hours of classes.

Foundation Institute has also contributed classes for ministerial continuing education, the Focused Mentoring Program and the International Leadership Program.