Principles of Christianity

Instructor: Doug Horchak

Guest Instructors:

Ralph Levy, Andy Burnett, Larry Salyer, Dave Myers, Britt Taylor, Joel Meeker and Mike Blackwell

Type: Lecture


This course focuses on personal faith, growth and application of the Bible in the individual’s life. Covering subjects ranging from personal character growth, proof of God’s existence and personal faith to sexual morality, post-modernism and the study of the Word of God—the class emphasizes a Christian’s application of the Scriptures to his or her life choices and convictions.

Required Texts

The Holy Bible (New King James Version)

Recommended Texts

  • The Incredible Human Potential by Herbert W. Armstrong
  • The Missing Dimension in Sex by Herbert W. Armstrong 


This course includes a wide variety of topics. Some topics include:

  • Building a relationship with God
  • Principles of godly dating
  • Principles of Christian marriage and family
  • Sexual morality
  • The existence of God
  • The inspiration of the Bible
  • The incredible human potential
  • Tools of Christian growth
  • Money and financial management
  • Masculinity and femininity
  • Principles of Bible study
  • Substance abuse
  • Entertainment and the Christian
  • Role of the Church of God in a Christian’s life
  • Post-modernism
  • Christian citizenship

Educational Bio

Doug Horchak holds a bachelor of arts in theology and communications from Ambassador College and a master of arts in psychology and counseling from Regis University. He has taught the Bible and Christian living as a church pastor since 1976 and has taught Principles of Christianity at Foundation Institute since 2012.