Comparative Religion

Instructors: Erik Jones, David Johnson

Guest Instructors:

David Myers
Joel Meeker
David Treybig
Isaac Khalil

Type: Lecture/Lab


This interactive course is to help prepare students to develop the ability to defend their faith and understand the beliefs of others. The course includes scripture memory, comparative religion and how to discern and defend the truth against false doctrine.

Required Texts

  • The Holy Bible (New King James Version)
  • The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations by Ron Rhodes
  • God is Not One by Stephen Prothero

Recommended Texts

  • My Catholic Faith by LaRavoire Morrow
  • The Faith of Millions: The Credentials of the Catholic Church by John A. O’Brien
  • A Handbook of Theological Terms by Van A. Harvey 


  • Scripture memorization
  • Basic Bible vocabulary
  • Principles of apologetics
  • Introduction to comparative religion
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Catholicism
  • Protestantism
  • World Religions
  • Cults
  • Church of God groups


  • Research project on a Protestant denomination
  • Weekly scripture memory quizzes

Educational Bios

Erik Jones holds degrees in secondary education and history from the University of Akron. He taught in public education for three years, the last two teaching American history, government and economics at an early college high school in Akron, Ohio. In 2012-2013, he studied theology at Foundation Institute in Allen, Texas. He now writes and edits for and Discern magazine. He is also an adjunct instructor at Foundation Institute and manages the student housing program.

David Johnson graduated from Ambassador College, Big Sandy, Texas, in 1970 with a bachelor of arts in communications and religious studies. He served for 35 years in pastoral and youth ministry in various locations around the United States before being invited to become a full-time instructor at the Church’s educational center. In addition to 14 years of classroom experience, he has also participated in numerous educational seminars in the United States and internationally.