Early Church History

Instructor: David Johnson

Type: Lecture


This course focuses on the development of the first-century Church as the fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s promise to build His Church. The growth of the Church is examined from the Day of Pentecost to the end of Paul’s first Roman imprisonment, both from the perspective of the earliest Christians and as the Church interacted with the secular authorities of the Roman world. The first-century Church is also examined as a model for the Church throughout the ages.

Required Texts

The Holy Bible (New King James Version)


This class is covered as a module format during the first semester of each academic year.

Educational Bio

David Johnson graduated from Ambassador College, Big Sandy, Texas, in 1970 with a bachelor of arts in communications and religious studies. He served for 35 years in pastoral and youth ministry in various locations around the United States before being invited to become a full-time instructor at the Church’s educational center. In addition to 14 years of classroom experience, he has also participated in numerous educational seminars in the United States and internationally.